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“Paulownia is one of the few business opportunities in which you can get so much investing less. Along with the plantation maintenance performed in time, what makes the difference is to find reliable partners. I recommend Paulownia Development because it’s a company managed by responsible and serious people, interested not only in a successful partnership but also interested in customer satisfaction.”

– Decebal Leonard Marin, managing partner, Corporate Dynamics

Paulownia Development offers you some advice to maximize your profit with your Paulownia plantation.
We recommend you start your business with a minimum of 1 ha land; large surfaces will produce increased profitability.
At first, you should determine the plantation purpose because that decision directly influences Paulownia seedlings.
Paulownia Development recommends the Paulownia Tomentosa plantation for timber and biomass, a system involving planting of 600 – 660 trees / ha. If your plantation is exclusively for biomass, depending on the type of landscape, you can plant up to 1600 seedlings / ha; this version requires an investment of approximately 8000eur/ha.

The initial investment if you choose planting Paulownia tomentosa for timber and biomass is about 3.000-5000 Euros / ha, depending on the land surface (shape, terrain, groundwater at different depths) and the system of irrigation chosen.
The latter may be more expensive or cheaper depending on the method chosen (trench irrigation systems, drip irrigation or mobile irrigation), followed by the maintenance costs including the irrigation activities, fertilizing, cutting and removal of weeds, harvesting and storage.

Paulownia Development commercialises the safest species of Paulownia considering the weather in our country, namely Paulownia Tomentosa. Paulownia Tomentosa plant price of about 30-40 cm is 4 euros.

Also, our company afforests one hectare of Paulownia Tomentosa for timber and biomass (in our opinion the most profitable option) and guarantees the success of the plantation at the price of 2900 EUR / ha.
Considering these conditions, the only investor’s responsibility is to prepare the soil (plowing and disking) and the frequent watering the plants in the first 8-10 weeks. Producing the best certified Paulownia tomentosa seedlings and all other operations consisting of planting design, drawing lines and execution of plough layers, seedling transport, handling and planting, soil fertilization by providing the necessary fertilizer mixture, spraying operations against pests is the Paulownia Development’s responsibility.

In case you chose this option, by following the few rules listed above, the profit by cutting plantation is impressive. In august 2012, the Italian furniture factories purchased Paulownia timber at the price of 700 Euro / mc. Statistics about wood stock in Europe show that depending on the quality of wood, its origin (up to today, almost the full range of Paulownia timber is imported from China, EU imposing increased import taxes); Processed Paulownia timber currently sells for the price of approximately 500 – 1000 euro per cubic metre.

If you chose Paulownia Tomentosa planting services offered by Paulownia Development in compliance with the irrigation procedures, in the first 10 weeks after planting, after logging, it is produced a volume of high quality timber of approximately 0.3 to 0.8 cm / plant, which provides about 250 cubic meters Paulownia Tomentosa timber per hectare.
This amount represents only 50% of the timber provided by Paulownia Tomentosa plantation Paulownia. The pieces of the debarked trunks from which we obtain timber, it is used for biomass production.